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GBT: General Business Terms (last update: April 2015);

A. Validity

Fewo am Hardberg is only the provider of a self-catering flat, however, not a travel agent. Tracks and schedules of public and other transportation listed on our www pages serve only to illustrate the attractivity and good reachability from and to the Fewo location. These and other travel arrangements cannot be booked from us and we cannot guarantee their uninterrupted availability.

Business terms and conditions of a guest or the guests are valid only when this has been previously agreed in writing and the lessor has explicitly confirmed this in writing.

The rental contract becomes effective when the lessor confirms the booking inquiry by telephone or in written form by Telefax, E-mail und/or letter post and thus accepts the inquiry.

The guest is obliged to check the correctness of this booking confirmation. If in case of differences between the inquiry and its confirmation the guest does not immediately come up with objections against its contents, the booking confirmation is rated as agreed to be the contract.

B. Rental Contract

To make for the tenants the stay as pleasant as possible we have prepared the apartment. Between the contracting parties the following conditions shall apply as given here in writing:

1. The lessors commit themselves to provide the apartment for the rental period indicated in the order’s contractual conditions.

2. Upon termination of the rent the tenant is obliged to return the apartment in proper condition and during the term of lease to keep the apartment in clean and in good condition.

3. The Lessee agrees to pay compensation for every loss, damage and destruction of the hired flat and /or its accessories by himself or herself and / or by his or her family members and / or relatives and / or his or her guests

4. At the departure day at the latest at that time die the keys have to be handed out completely to the lettor or his representative.

5. At missing handing over, delayed handing over, or loss of the keys, the tenant is obliged to cover the cost of renewal of the keys, and if required, of the entire locking system.

6. The Fewo is leased only for the number of persons indicated by the rental contract. Incorporating additional persons and /or subletting are prohibited without prior consent expressed by the lessors.

7. Smoking is not permitted.

8. Keeping animals inside the Fewo requires previous written authorization by the lessors.

9. Using the Internet WLAN guest accounts by the tenant is permitted only after approval of a written user agreement which must be signed by both: tenant and lessors.

10. With respect to the contractually agreed rental period of the apartment the day of arrival and the departure day rate in both cases as a full day. If there is no written different agreement between both parties, the apartment must be completely vacated not later than 11:00 hours a.m. the day established as the departure day, and it will be made available to guests from 14.00 p.m. on the day of arrival.

C. Services and Payment

11. The indicated payment dates are obligatory, whereby the payment is considered to be properly provided only when the indicated agreed amount arrived not later on the indicated bank account of the lessor. However, when the bill is not honored in time this is rated as the withdrawal of the tenant from this contract. In this case the lessor is authorized to lease the available space to other customers. The tenant is still obliged to completely pay the outstanding rental fees, taking into account possible income of the lessors from other rental contracts during that time.

12. Bei Rücktritt des Mieters nach Abschluss des Mietvertrages bleibt der Mieter zur Zahlung des vereinbarten Mietpreises verpflichtet. tenant after finalization of the lease agreement the lessee remains obliged to pay the agreed rental price.

13. When during the originally contracted rental time a further letting of the non-used rooms to other clients is possible, we offer a deduction by the amount of the rental fee payments by the following new tenant.

• in case of withdrawal up to six months before the agreed beginning of the rental period by 80 %,

• in case of withdrawal up to four months before the beginning of the rental period by 50 %,

• in case of withdrawal up to two months before beginning of the rental period by 25 %,

• However in every such case an arrangement fee of 50 € is to pay to the lessors.

14. We have a binding agreement between the parties, that any claims for compensation against the lessors related to the rental agreement, its agreement conclusion and its end, no matter by which legal basis, is limited to the agreed amount of the rent.

15. Side agreements, changes und supplements require being in written form.

16. Place of performance of the obligations und court of jurisdiction for all kinds of disputes about this contract, also about its legal effectiveness, is Baden-Baden in Germany

17. In case that particular arrangements of this contract are invalid or incorrect, the validity of the total contract is not affected. Legally ineffective passages have to be replaced by such, which correspond the desired purpose and spirit of the contract and the plan of its initial agreement. Signatures:

Baden-Baden, date: ____________________________

Renter: __________________________ Name: ___________________________

Renter: __________________________ Name: ___________________________

Renter: __________________________ Name: ___________________________

Renter: __________________________ Name: ___________________________

Renter: __________________________ Name: ___________________________

Renter: __________________________ Name: ___________________________

Lessor (Angelika Hartenstein): ________________________________________________

Lessor (Reiner Hartenstein): ___________________________________________________